Why QK?


What does this mean? We design something more than just your city or park, we design a community, and we design it to be a healthy, happy environment for you and your loved ones, and it’s eco friendly.

open door communication

Our Philosophy


QK has learned a lot regarding how we treat our staff and one another since the company started over 45 years ago.   To maintain the high level of employee satisfaction across the organization, we stress two key tenets that define the firm’s culture.

QK has made Open Door Communication a priority between management and employees. Information is open, transparent and shared with all employees – no secrets.

QK does not have a structured, top down Chain of Command.  What?  No structure?  Not exactly. Employees are encouraged to speak with immediate supervisors if issues or concerns arise.  However, if a response is not consistent with the company culture, mission, purpose, and values, employees are encouraged to take their thoughts and concerns to the next level – all the way to the CEO if necessary.

It is every employee’s right AND responsibility in QK  to support each other and point out to one another any action that does not align with QK’s mission, vision, and values.

Who We Are

Our Culture


QK is One Connected Team, Working in Partnership to Make the Built Environment Possible.

We provide and work very hard to maintain a professional career environment where the best and most capable individuals collaborate as a team to learn, grow, serve and innovate.  The true value of an engaged employee is one that not only stays, but thrives.  We chose this profession, we enjoy it and the achievements we earn together by helping our clients realize their dreams – or objectives, for those of you that prefer the more technical term.

QK’s dedication to empowering people to realize connectedness and achievement is evidenced by the fact that QK is an employee owned company.