Urban Design

Golden State Corridor Fowler Entry Concept
Fresno Council of Governments
Shopping Center Concept
Farmersville, CA
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Urban Design is the multi-disciplinary process of shaping the physical environment for life in cities, towns, and villages.  It is the art of making memorable places on an urban scale, no matter the size of the community.  It involves the design of buildings, groups of buildings, spaces, landscapes, streets, and sidewalks. 

QK is skilled in helping create urban design projects for both public and private clients. Our urban design experience includes Hanford’s Downtown East Precise Plan, Woodlake’s transit center, downtown streetscape, and city event plaza, urban design guidelines for Fowler, Selma, and Kingsburg, new mixed lot size communities in Fresno, a Commercial Development Plaza Plan for Downtown Delano, and a new gathering place for a farmer’s market in Arvin. 

Our collaborative team melds design, urban planning policy, landscape architecture, transportation planning, and civil engineering to create urban places where people can live, work, shop, play, and relax.  As a result, we can bring design experience and sensibility to the form of cities.  Because of our multi-disciplinary approach to urban design, we have the ability to create sustainable city environments and enduring places of beauty that improve everyday lives. 


3D Environment Modeling & Visual Simulations

3D modeling, photo simulations, and quality hand-drawn graphics help our clients see a realistic picture of a proposed project. Clients building controversial projects, or projects that require support from the community or local/State agencies use QK’s high-quality visual graphics tools to show stakeholders how a project will look once completed.

Land development firms and local agencies have seen the benefits that photo simulations can provide during local public hearing presentations or community workshops. Photo simulations help grow a project support base. The ability to “pre-sell” a proposed project to approval agencies in the early stages of development can be crucial. 

QK helps clients create 3D models and photo simulations for a wide range of projects, such as environmental view assessments, streetscape improvements, downtown revitalizations, bridge designs, and other projects where visualizations are critical to sell an idea or gather community support. These tools generate a real-world vision of the finished proposed project from the very beginning.