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By John Quiring, Director of Community Development and Infrastructure Funding


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Welcome to our Resources and Information page, with upcoming grant and funding opportunities for the Central Valley region in California. Bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on the latest grants, due dates, and how QK can help.

For more information or for assistance with grant submittals, contact John Quiring, Director of Community Development & Infrastructure Funding at (559) 449-2400 or


Water and Energy Efficiency Grants

Water and energy grants fund projects that conserve and use water more efficiently, increase renewable energy production, enhance drought resilience, and mitigate risk of future water conflict. Applicants receive additional consideration for delivery system improvements that complement on-farm enhancements supported by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. This program requires a minimum 50% non-federal cost-share. $15 Million is available and about 10 grants are expected to be funded.

The objective of this NOFO is to invite eligible applicants to leverage their money and resources by cost sharing with Reclamation on projects that seek to conserve and use water more efficiently; increase the production of renewable energy; mitigate conflict risk in areas at a high risk of future water conflict; enable farmers to make additional on-farm improvements in the future, including improvements that may be eligible for Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) funding; and accomplish other benefits that contribute to sustainability.

Applications are due on November 3, 2021.

Further information can be found at:

Environmental Water Resources Projects

This is a new funding category under WaterSMART. Projects that benefit plant and animal species, fish and wildlife habitat, riparian areas, and ecosystems directly influenced by water resources management are eligible. Project types can include water conservation and efficiency projects to improve the environment through quantifiable and sustained water savings, mitigation of drought-related impacts, and watershed management or restoration projects with a nexus to water resources or water resources management. Projects under this new category may be eligible for up to 75% federal funding.

Applications are due on December 9, 2021.

Further information can be found at:

Small Community Drought Relief Program – Infrastructure

The State Department of Water Resources announces an important new infrastructure program designed to provide immediate and near term financial and technical support to small communities not served by an urban water supplier with at least 3,000 connections. It’s designed to implement needed resiliency measures and infrastructure improvements for small water suppliers and rural communities. The specific objectives are to implement projects that provide reliable water supply sources, improve water system storage, replace aging and leaking pipelines, and provide alternative power sources for operation (emergency generators).

The State has invested $200,000,000 into this new effort and is accepting applications on a rolling basis. Details can be found at

Clean California Local Grant Program – Transportation Corridor Infrastructure

Important new transportation funding proposed! Final guidelines coming soon – important to attend Zoom workshop.

The Clean California Local Grant Program, administered by Caltrans, has approximately $296 million over two-years to beautify and improve streets and roads, tribal lands, parks, pathways, and transit centers to restore pride in public spaces. Applicants must be local or regional public agencies or transit agencies.

Final selection criteria and procedures will be discussed at an upcoming workshop.

  • Community need
  • Potential to enhance and beautify public space
  • Potential for greening to provide shade, reduce the urban heat island effect, and use native drought-tolerant plants
  • Potential to improve access to public space
  • Public engagement in the project proposal that reflects community priorities
  • Benefit to underserved communities

The RFP will be issued that will be due in December 2021. Projects must be completed by June 30, 2023. Workshop is set for October 7, 2021.

For more information on the workshop, please visit:

Further Information – Contact QK

For more information or for assistance with grant submittals, contact John Quiring, Director of Community Development & Infrastructure Funding at (559) 449-2400 or

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