In 2018, Senate Bill 2 (SB2) established a new permanent source of state funding for affordable housing.  This bill includes one-time funding in 2019 that local communities can use to increase their planning capacity to increase available housing.

These funds, projected to be as much as $125,000 for cities under 60,000 population, will be first available about April, 2019.

Draft guidelines were recently developed for these planning activities and are accessible at  http://www.hcd.ca.gov/grants-funding/active-funding/planning-grants/docs/SB2-Planning-Grant-Guidlines.pdf.  The State has also established a set of pre-approved planning activities which can accelerate your allocation process.

Most importantly, in order to be eligible for SB2 funding, cities must have a compliant Housing Element and be up-to-date with annual Housing Element progress reports.

For further information, please contact Principal Planner Steve Brandt, AICP at (559) 733-0440 or Steve.Brandt@qkinc.com.