Photograph (Left to Right): Paul Boyer (Farmersville Mayor), Yohanes Makmur (QK Project Manager), Greg Thompson (QK Construction Manager), Mario Krstic (Farmersville City Manager), Lisa Wallis-Dutra (QK, Farmersville City Engineer), Ron Wathen (QK President).

The City of Farmersville received a TCAG Local Motion Award for the Bike or Pedestrian Category for the South Farmersville Boulevard Project!  The award was presented at the 7th Annual Awards Luncheon on January 26th in Visalia.

Mayor Paul Boyer accepted the award on behalf of the City, along with Yohanes Makmur, PE, TE, PTOE who represented QK.   Also in attendance for QK were Lisa Wallis-Dutra, Monique Mello, Greg Thompson, Jason Staicer, Ron Wathen, and Jeff Cowart.  Mario Krstic, Farmersville’s Police Chief and Interim City Manager also attended the event.

The South Farmersville Boulevard Project (Project) is a pedestrian and bicycle improvement project, as well as a transit project.  It addresses pedestrian and bicycle safety deficiencies near places of employment, schools, and neighborhoods.  A lack of contiguous sidewalks at this location forced students and others, including seniors, into the street or shoulder with no vehicular separation such as a raised curb.  This Project also added a pedestrian refuge median at the existing Snowden Elementary School crossing, that allows students to cross half of the roadway and provides a safety area at which to remain before crossing the other half of the roadway.  This Project also provides additional transit opportunities for the residents, specifically seniors that live in the senior housing community at the southern City limits.  There were previously no transit stops along South Farmersville Boulevard because the buses had no way to turn around.  This Project constructed a bus turn around location which now allows for two transit stops on South Farmersville Boulevard. With the new transit facilities adjacent to the senior housing community, it is much easier for the seniors to obtain transit service allowing them more freedom and independence.

The Project benefits are significant.  During a 10-year period between 2003-2012, there were 42 bicycle and pedestrian collisions citywide.  Two pedestrians were struck and killed during this period.  This Project is part of a comprehensive plan to improve conditions citywide and address the most serious deficiencies for active transportation.

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New Crosswalk Area

New Pedestrian Refuge Median

New Bus Turnaround Location