City of exeter, CA

Visalia Road Improvements Phase I


The Visalia Road Improvement Project Phase I consisted of road improvements between Jacob Place and Orange Avenue. The scope included the total reconstruction of the existing roadway, new curb and gutter, landscaped medians, entrances into businesses, sidewalk, signing and striping, and modifications to the existing signal at Belmont Road.  This $4.3 million was part of the City of Exeter’s sweeping Visalia Road Improvement Project that addresses community safety and operational needs. 

Years of wet winters and hot summers took a toll on the road’s original pavement, making it unpleasant for travel. The road was not fully ADA accessible and wasn’t inviting or conducive to pedestrian traffic, negatively impacting local businesses. The project design addressed each of these areas with added considerations for improving traffic circulation and providing a fresh, inviting thoroughfare through the City. The completed project met local and regional active transportation goals and will increase the economic viability of the area.

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