Panama-Buena Vista Union School District, Bakersfield, CA

On-Call Environmental Services

San Joaquin kit fox (SJKF) is an endangered fox subspecies native to the San Joaquin Valley region of California, and in the past, has burrowed underneath portable classrooms at district schools. QK works with the school district to obtain coverage under the Metropolitan Bakersfield Habitat Conservation Plan (MBHCP), to find the foxes a safe home. We also provide a districtwide SJKF awareness training program for students and staff and conduct protocol monitoring to identify SJKF activity and exclude kit foxes from atypical dens on school property.

By coordinating our efforts with the City of Bakersfield and associated wildlife agencies, we proactively identify issues as they arise, monitor SJKF activity, and help to create a safe environment for the students and staff, while protecting one of California’s indigenous species.