QK worked with Cornerstone Structural Engineering Group (prime design consultant) and Tulare County RMA to provide environmental compliance during replacement of a single lane bridge on the Kaweah River.


Working closely with Tulare County RMA and Cornerstone Structural Engineering Group, QK actively managed the environmental permitting and compliance process. QK served as the primary consultant in the preparation of the field review and Preliminary Environmental Study (PES) for NEPA compliance through Caltrans, completion of environmental studies, and consultation with regulatory agencies. QK completed field surveys for sensitive wildlife and plant species, as well as sensitive habitat. Technical documents included a Natural Environment Study, Water Quality Memorandum, Cultural Resources Report, Location Hydrology Report and restoration plan for riparian habitat for inclusion in CEQA and NEPA environmental compliance. Federal and State permit applications were also submitted and approved. QK then provided biological monitoring in compliance with CDFW requirements during the construction phase, to ensure that no impacts occurred within the river or sensitive riparian habitat.

During construction, a temporary crossing was erected downstream from the new bridge for county residents and emergency vehicles. To mitigate construction impacts on the Kaweah River, QK’s environmental team recommended alternatives to some work within the Ordinary High Water Mark, and revisions to bridge design to reduce the number of trees that required removal and trimming.


The project area included a rural bridge site, equipment staging areas, and a temporary water crossing accessed through riparian habitat.  We were charged with providing environmental compliance and biological compliance to avoid impacts to resources in the project area before, during, and after construction activities.


The CEQA document was certified by Tulare County in January 2011, and Caltrans issued NEPA clearance for the project in August 2011. With Federal Highway Administration and Highway Bridge Program funding, the Mountain Road 319 Bridge was completed in Spring 2013.

The Mountain Road 319 Bridge replacement was given the 2013 Project of the Year – Large Award from the American Public Works Association (APWA) Central Valley Chapter and the 2014 Merit Award – Small Firm by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) California Engineering Excellence Awards.

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