City of Hanford, CA

Downtown East Precise Plan

The primary focus of the City of Hanford Downtown East Precise Plan was the China Alley Revitalization Plan. China Alley was identified in 2011 as one of the most endangered historic places in America by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Other issues included the need to revitalize and attract new businesses in an area that had remained stagnant for new economic development for years.

The extensive Plan document includes an economic study and fiscal impact analysis, zoning for mixed-use, permitted land uses, a form-based code for frontage types for multiple building types, development regulations, landscape guidelines, street improvements, traffic calming guidelines, parking policies, a focused Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and concept studies that depict how the area could potentially develop. Since its adoption, new businesses have sprung up on China Alley including new multi-cultural restaurants and a tea house.

The plan was given the 2014 Award of Merit for “Comprehensive Planning: Small Jurisdiction” by the American Planning Association (APA) California Chapter, Central Section.