City of Woodlake, CA

Castle Rock & Sierra Roundabout

The City of Woodlake constructed a single-lane roundabout at the Castle Rock Street and Sierra Avenue intersection. As the Woodlake community grew, the original intersection became congested with school, recreation, and residential traffic. This $3.1 million project was paid for by Measure R, CMAQ, and LSRP funds and included the roundabout, curb, gutters, ramps, sidewalks, streetlights, paving, on-street parking, landscaping, irrigation, sewer system, and storm drain improvements. 

The Castle Rock & Sierra Roundabout achieved the City’s objectives to relieve traffic congestion, increase bike/pedestrian safety, and provide adequate ADA accessibility. Added benefits of the project included improved air quality for nearby residents, park users, and elementary school students. Landscaping additions to the corners and center of the roundabout beautified the area for the growing number of residents and travelers who will pass through the intersection in the coming years. The City transformed an inadequate intersection into a roundabout that addressed basic transit needs while creating an aesthetic that reflects the City staff’s dedication to their community. 

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