By: Mike Ratajski

The nation’s leading skate park designer, Spohn Ranch, Inc. and QK teamed up to bring a 7,000-square foot action sports park to the City of Arvin.  The new DiGiorgio Action Park facility brings together both skateboard enthusiasts and BMX riders.  The City of Arvin hosted a grand opening celebration on July 25, 2017, although the park had opened several months before that date.  The park was nearly two years in the making beginning in July of 2015 when QK began working with the City of Arvin in developing sketch plans for the 17.5-acre DiGiorgio Park and concept designs for a skate park.  Surrounded by more than a dozen mature eucalyptus trees, a site was selected at the northwest corner of DiGiorgio Park, and a decision was made to design a facility that could include both skaters and bikers.  The location was already a popular spot for local youth to congregate due to their favorite ice cream shop just across the street.  The City purchased the park from the County of Kern with the ultimate goal of building other features there for the community.  The action park was just the first item on their list to check off.

On February 26 and March 22, 2016, QK hosted public workshops with Spohn Ranch and worked with nearly fifty participants that included local teens, parents, Mayor Jose Gurrola Jr., and a representative from the Tony Hawk Foundation.  QK and Spohn Ranch prepared a presentation that showcased local parks designed by QK and a recent portfolio of Spohn Ranch’s national skateboard parks.  The presentation featured an evolution of skateboard park designs and included contemporary popular parks throughout the United States.   The participants were able to participate in a real time “clicker” touch key pad survey that identified their level of experience, the type of park they wanted, and other amenities they would like to see added near the vicinity of the skatepark (i.e., benches, picnicking, and lighting).  Lighting was by far the most popular response so the teens could use it during both daylight hours and after sunset.