Senior Associate Planner


Bakersfield, Merced


Position Purpose

Senior Associate Planners work alongside team members and clients to create a broad vision for communities. A Senior Associate Planner must think analytically about the best way to use and develop urban resources, maintain the health of communities, and work to protect the environment from serious hazards. This position is characterized by increasingly specialized knowledge of the planning field and a more elevated level of required duties and responsibilities compared with the Associate Planner. The Senior Associate Planner is expected to possess in-depth knowledge of several planning specialties such as land use, policy planning, or environmental planning. This position is a professional position with responsibility for compiling and interpreting complex data, then utilizing the information to prepare technical documents. A Senior Associate Planner is a team member who works with direction from his/her supervisor and expresses a higher level of independence than an Associate Planner by performing more complex tasks with less direct oversight.

What You'll Do

  • Gather, compile, and analyze data on economic, social, and physical factors affecting land use 
  • Maintain communication with the client and/or other project managers from project conception through completion 
  • Manage, oversee, and/or train other professional staff 
  • Formulate and conduct technical planning studies 
  • Prepare and/or coordinate preparation of winning proposals and lead proposal presentations 
  • Develop recommendations affecting environmental issues associated with land use 
  • Generate creative solutions to issues that may conflict with the client’s initial project plans 
  • Research local ordinances, regional and state regulations, transportation studies, and planning issues 
  • Develop recommendations affecting land use, public utilities, community facilities, housing, and transportation to control and guide the development 
  • Prepare technical studies and documents, with emphasis on NEPA and CEQA documents 
  • Prepare for, conduct, and oversee research, fieldwork, and documentation in support of NEPA and CEQA document preparation, and technical planning studies 
  • Read, interpret, compose, and review Categorical Exclusions, EAs, EIRs, and other technical documents 
  • Prepare, coordinate, and facilitate public involvement and consensus-building meetings and workshops 
  • Visit field sites to gather facts and data, and conduct investigations 
  • Prepare technical memoranda, meeting minutes, transmittals, presentations, and other written materials 
  • Other duties as assigned or as needed in order to successfully complete project deliverables or meet internal goals


  • Minimum of four (4) years of experience in planning, transportation, and/or socioeconomics (or MA/MS plus two (2) years’ experience)

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