A Thousand Flags

Bakersfield’s annual A Thousand Flags Ceremony is more than just a Memorial Weekend tradition; it’s a profound display of respect and gratitude for the fallen heroes who have served their nation. For the past ten years, QK has played an integral role in this moving tribute, setting the points for flag installation with precision and reverence.

Surveyor Brandon Walker reflects on the firm’s enduring dedication to this meaningful event, stating, “We look forward every year to participate in the placement of the flag locations for this awesome show of respect for our fallen heroes. It has been an honor to participate in this Memorial Weekend tradition for the last ten years.”

Walker’s sentiment encapsulates the profound sense of pride and purpose that drives QK’s involvement in the ceremony. Beyond the technical aspects of their work, QK’s team approaches their role with a deep appreciation for the significance of honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

As the flags unfurl in the gentle breeze, each one symbolizing a life laid down in service, QK’s contribution stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of remembrance and gratitude. Their meticulous efforts ensure that every flag is placed with care and precision, paying tribute to the courage and sacrifice of the brave men and women who have defended freedom.

As Memorial Weekend approaches each year, the flags serve as a visual reminder of the debt owed to those who have served. And standing among them, QK stands as a beacon of remembrance, ensuring that the sacrifices of our heroes are never forgotten.

A very special recognition to Alan Walker, who has championed this effort every year we have participated. We admire your passion for this cause and are proud to support you and this effort for the past decade!

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