Bakersfield, CA – QK Bakersfield Office has announced the new hire of Philip Slater, Senior Associate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist Analyst. He joins the planning division of QK, overseen by Principal Planner Christopher Mynk, AICP.

Prior to joining QK, Mr. Slater began his 10-year career as a GIS/IT Specialist, pioneering the GIS system still currently in place at the largest private landholder in the state of California spanning over 250,000 acres. His role within the company allowed him to help develop sound stewardship practices to maintain, and enhance the property’s natural resources and ecosystems.

GIS is a system designed to capture, store, manage, analyze, share, manipulate, and display geographic data. QK incorporates GIS data in all service divisions, from locating benchmarks for Land Surveyors to reviewing parcel and zoning information within our Planning division.

“Mr. Slater fills a crucial role with QK” says Christopher Mynk, AICP. “We are excited to have him here not only to enhance the services provided to our current clients through daily operations and planning for the future, but also to help launch QK into providing GIS services for all our disciplines to any of our clients.”

Mr. Slater received multiple certificates in GIS from Ventura College, and continued his education to receive his Bachelors in Geography with a minor in Geographic Information Systems from CSU, Northridge.