QK is built on five distinct areas of expertise that work together to make the built environment possible. We have the industry’s most creative professionals in engineering design and construction management, survey and GIS, urban design and landscape architecture, biology and environmental permitting, and planning.

If you are preparing to complete a complex project in California you face a sea of regulations, funding questions, and planning requirements. But you don’t have to do it alone. We’ve been there and done that. We are your expert guides to getting your project done.

The Five Distinct Service Divisions

Engineering Design & Construction Management

Building Relationships, Building Infrastructure

For over 45 years, QK has been a leading provider of engineering services in California. Our team of experts can help you navigate the engineering design process from preliminary research to final execution. In addition, QK helps many of our city clients as their contract City Engineer and many water district clients as their contract District Engineer, and providing these clients access to the full range of services and resources of our company. We help our city clients expand their “staff” as needed to cover their engineering needs.

QK utilizes premier engineering technology to achieve your vision, including Autodesk, Bentley, ESRI, and CarteGraph. Our 3D modeling program allows us to perfect your design and eliminate potential hazards.

QK design experts specialize in civil and traffic engineering, with years of experience across disciplines. Our construction management personnel are highly qualified, with expertise in every facet of the construction process.

QK’s traffic engineering staff includes licensed civil and traffic engineers with extensive experience in the subdisciplines essential to providing complete traffic engineering services. Our senior traffic engineering staff has a combined total of more than 45 years of experience. Their experience and diversity makes them helpful in all phases of a project, including preliminary planning, design, and construction management.

QK’s highly qualified construction personnel specialize in a full range of pre-construction, construction and post-construction-phase services. We thoroughly understand the construction process to help our clients with the experience, knowledge and insight needed to make informed decisions throughout the construction process.

Utility coordination is often an area that causes delays during construction if not initiated early in the project. We help our clients by focusing on critical components to address this potential issue proactively. We make sure that all effected utilities are properly contacted, and most importantly followed up with to ensure that the project progresses without costly and frustrating delays.

Survey & GIS

Using Experience & Innovation To Deliver Client Solutions

QK land surveying and Geographic Information System (GIS) services can simplify your project.

Our team of licensed land surveyors has offered critical support to public and private clients throughout California, specializing in topographic, ALTA, boundary, and construction control surveys.

With robotic and conventional equipment, our survey team can measure and analyze land use for future projects. We are on the forefront of using GPS for base mapping, providing our clients with computer-generated maps that display geographic information in precise detail.

QK delivers client data through CAD, Shapefiles, or Web-Based GIS sites. Our expertise in land surveying and GIS technology has helped clients make important decisions regarding natural resource exploration, land management, urban and regional planning, environmental monitoring, forest management, public works and engineering, telecommunications, utilities, and transportation.

Advanced Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Mapping

QK’s advanced UAS mapping capabilities can help you benefit from this emerging technology.  Our UAS mapping capabilities are managed by our licensed Professional Land Surveyors (PLS), as well as Land Surveyors in Training (LSIT).

The use of low altitude, high resolution photogrammetry can provide significant benefits on a multitude of engineering and land surveying projects. QK has been at the forefront of research into this technology since 2016 and has proved mapping capabilities on a similar accuracy level with terrestrial GPS surveys and can provide orthomosaic with resolution of 1 cm or less.

QK currently owns a fleet of nine Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and employs nine licensed FAA Part 107 Remote Pilots.

Urban Design & Landscape Architecture

Helping Our Clients Build California’s Communities

Urban Design is the multi-disciplinary process of shaping the physical setting for life in cities, towns and villages. It is the art of making memorable places, no matter the size of the community, and involves the design of buildings, groups of buildings, spaces, landscapes, and the streets and sidewalks that move people through them.

QK has been helping public and private clients in California create urban design projects for over 45 years. Our collaborative urban design team melds design, urban planning policy, landscape architecture, transportation planning, and civil engineering to create urban places where people can live, work, shop, play, and relax. Because of our multi-disciplinary approach to urban design, we have the ability to create sustainable city environments and enduring places of beauty that improve everyday lives.

Our experienced landscape architecture team helps clients with a broad range of landscape design services under the same guiding principles as our other disciplines. Our professional staff has over 25 years of experience successfully helping clients translate ideas into practical and innovative designs that address present and future requirements. The result is the creation of lasting inviting environments where people work, play, and visit.

In honor of our commitment to green building and sustainable design, we offer a full range of LEED services to our clients. LEED certified buildings are environmentally friendly and provide positive public relations opportunities as well as tax incentives to property owners and builders.

Biology & Environmental Permitting

Helping Our Clients & The Environment

QKs biology and environmental permitting team provides a full range of ecological and biological services to support preparation of CEQA and NEPA documents. Our teams assess wildlife, botanical, wetland, and fisheries resources by following the protocol requirements of all federal and state agencies.

We help our clients by providing full technical analysis and complete project support for local, State, and federal biological resource permitting.


Successfully Managing Projects From Design To Execution

QK has over 45 years of experience guiding projects from design to execution. QK’s expertise in land use and policy planning helps our clients with complex projects and then proposes common sense solutions. Our planning staff is accustomed to policy planning consulting services for both the public and private sectors.

We understand the significant task of guiding a project, plan, or study from concept to reality. Our policy plans promote efficient and sustainable land development, incorporate development and redevelopment patterns that optimize existing infrastructure investments, and consume less land that can then remain available for agriculture, open space, and natural systems.

QK’s skilled environmental planning professionals help our public and private sector clients balance environmental protection with the social, technical, and economic benefits of each project. We use a sensible approach to address environmental concerns with innovative, cost-effective solutions.

QK’s environmental planning staff has prepared over 4,000 CEQA and NEPA environmental documents that successfully meet project objectives and schedules while complying with ever changing environmental regulations.

Our expert planning staff uses 3D modeling, photo simulations, and quality hand-drawn graphics to bring your design to life. These visualization tools allow us to eliminate potential problems and sell your proposed project to approval agencies.

By generating public interest and coordinating our efforts with public and private agencies, QK delivers consistent results through the permit approval process. Our staff has extensive experience preparing public participation plans and presenting at public hearings.