Construction Management

Downs Street Rehabilitation
Ridgecrest, CA
Mulcahy Park
Tulare, CA
New Wastewater Treatment Plant
Farmersville, CA
New Wastewater Treatment Plant
Farmersville, CA
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QK’s highly qualified construction personnel specialize in a full range of pre-construction, construction, and post-construction-phase services including construction procurement, observation and monitoring, resident project representation, construction management, and construction administration for all types of public and private projects. Our professional staff thoroughly understands the construction process to help our clients with the experience, knowledge, and insight needed to make informed decisions throughout the construction process.


Labor Compliance


QK’s knowledgeable Labor Compliance staff understands that Labor Compliance Programs (LCPs) are a necessary component of public works construction projects as part of the effort to enforce the State’s Prevailing Wage Rates and the Federal government’s Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations.

QK’s LCP is applicable to all public works projects whether the project is funded with local, State, or federal funds. Our LCP coordinators are properly trained in executing the LCP process and the laws governing such programs to help 21st century clients navigate a jungle of regulations.