Cities & Special Districts

QK has been a leading provider of engineering, land surveying, planning, and environmental services to California public agencies for more than 50 years. Our One Connected Team philosophy is designed to help cities, counties, water, wastewater, and special districts, by offering a broad range of comprehensive services, strategically interwoven to make project delivery nearly seamless.

We also help many of our public agency clients as contract City or District Engineer and/or Surveyor. In these roles, our staff becomes an extension of City/District staff as needed. As a result, these clients gain access not only to their designated Engineer or Surveyor but a support staff of more than 100 licensed and technical support staff.


Client Experience

The QK team was instrumental in helping to keep the project both on budget and on schedule.
Jim Holladay
PE, Civil Engineer III, Public Works Department, City of Bakersfield
When [the developer] came to us, I told them working with Lemoore would be a good experience and that we were not a typical city. Your response to the need they have goes a long way on Lemoore delivering this promise. I truly appreciate your efforts and we are blessed to have you on our team. Thank you.
Nathan Olson
City Manager, City of Lemoore