California’s San Joaquin Valley is one of the largest food-producing regions in the world, and its farmers employ complex systems of crop and animal care that include wells, water, and sanitary sewer systems. With five offices located between Merced and Bakersfield, our location in the heart of America’s Fruit Basket has earned us a long history of serving farmers and their families who keep our communities fed. 


Client Experience

I also want to express my appreciation for all of the great work QK provided on this project. I really enjoyed working with QK, especially Dave Dayton, who I was in direct communication with throughout the duration of the project. I also appreciated the completeness of information provided by all the staff who worked on this project, and that all surveys and site visits were handled as requested with no issues on communication or the work that was needed. This was my first experience working with QK and it shaped my understanding and appreciation of your company; it has been really nice working with you.
Private Client
For over a decade, VRPA Technologies, Inc. has teamed with QK on a variety of projects in the San Joaquin Valley both as a sub and as a prime contractor. We have come to value this partnership and the expertise, commitment, and professionalism their staff brings to the table. With QK, we can count on quality products and a level playing field
Georgiena Vivian
President, VRPA Technologies, Inc.
On behalf of California Water Services Company, I want to say thanks to QK for making working with your organization a pleasure. We appreciate the relationship that has developed and we are looking forward to doing business with you in the future.
Phil Mirwald
District Manager, Visalia California Water Services Company