Why QK?

Open Door Communication

Our Philosophy

At our very core, QK prides itself on the ability to offer programmatic professional services that allow us to serve many of the needs of our diverse clientele, in-house.

To ensure we’re able collaborate and make this unique service possible, two key tenets define the way we operate:

One: Communication is a priority between management and employees, across offices and disciplines, and information is open, transparent, and shared with all.

Two: Everyone has a voice. All employees are encouraged to speak their minds, to ideate and innovate, and to be bold and creative.

Our Employee Value Proposition, designed by our employees themselves states: “QK is an experienced team of bold professionals who are passionate about sharing their expertise with our clients and communities. We are committed to providing a dynamic, collaborative environment that fosters individual professional success as teams are empowered to innovate and deliver on our clients’ most important projects.”

In short, new QKers are often surprised at the “everyone here has a say” mentality, which offers individuals and teams real opportunities to grow and thrive and drives open communication through the project delivery process.

Who We Are

Our Culture

We are tenaciously driven to create a positive client experience through delivery of the highest quality projects. Since we believe that quality happens when you care enough to do your very best, we know that it is our corporate responsibility to foster that care.

That’s why we focus on employee satisfaction first, and offer uncommon programs like:

  • strengths-based career ladders
  • annual employee development planning
  • shareholder options for long-term QKers
  • paid wellness days
  • alternative work week schedules (half-day Fridays)
  • remote work options
  • in-and-out of office social gatherings and volunteer opportunities
  • and simple acts of gratitude and recognition.

Interested in joining us? Send your resume to recruiter@qkinc.com and let us know how you fit in.

Meet Our Management Team



Company-paid medical, dental, vision, life, and long-term disability for full-time employees.

Professional development / PANs

Our Practice Area Networks (PANs) keep our teams connected, communicating, and at the forefront of industry innovations. PANs also help us learn outside our own disciplines.


In-house training & mentoring Programs, and employee assistance programs.

Time off / Wellness Program

Paid time sick, vacation and holiday time. QK also provides employees with paid wellness days to encourage a healthy workforce.


For license renewal, professional memberships, certifications, phone and internet use.

Volunteer Opportunities

We love volunteering and hope you do too. QK is all about the communities we serve, and volunteer opportunities come frequently and participation is encouraged.

Work With Us

QK offers a very competitive benefit package.  We know that to attract the best people, you need to have top notch benefits.  We challenge you to compare our benefit package to the one you currently receive.

QK provides career paths in each discipline to help employees guide themselves through personal and professional growth, and create their own path to a successful career with QK.  Career planning and development also allow QK to better leverage itself for financial growth.  Preparing employees for future vertical and lateral movement creates a win-win situation for both the company and the employees.

Training opportunities, mentoring, development plans, and succession planning are just a few of QK’s tools to steer successful career development, which aligns with QK’s company vision and growth plans.

Available Positions

Explore the exciting career possibilities a multi-disciplinary firm brings while working with a purposeful, goal oriented, close-knit team to improve the quality of life in communities throughout the Central Valley and beyond.

QK has been a home for hundreds of people to build their careers over the past 50 years. Join our team of highly experienced, innovative professionals and start elevating your career today in a place built for professionals to flourish and find professional success while building lifelong relationships with our team and our clients.

Are you interested in positions not listed above? Do you have any questions about careers at QK?

Please contact our HR team directly at “recruiter@qkinc.com” with your resume and cover letter or inquiries about careers at QK.