Why QK?

Open Door Communication

Our Philosophy

QK has learned a lot regarding how we treat our staff and one another since the company started over 45 years ago. To maintain a high level of employee satisfaction across the organization, we stress two key tenets that define the firm’s culture.

OK has made Open Door Communication a priority between management and employees. Information is open, transparent, and shared with all employees – no secrets.

QK does not have a structured, top-down Chain of Command. What? No structure? Not exactly. Employees are encouraged to speak with immediate supervisors if issues or concerns arise. However, if a response is not consistent with the company culture, mission, purpose, and values, employees are encouraged to take their thoughts and concerns to the next level – all the way to the CEO if necessary. 

It is every employee’s right AND responsibility in QK to support each other and point out to one another any action that does not align with QK’s mission, vision, and values.

Who We Are

Our Culture


QK is One Connected Team, Working in Partnership to Make the Built Environment Possible.

QK is an experienced team of bold professionals who are passionate about sharing their expertise with our clients and communities. We are committed to providing a dynamic, collaborative environment that fosters individual professional success as teams are empowered to innovate and deliver on our clients’ most important projects. We provide and work very hard to maintain a professional career environment where the best and most capable individuals collaborate as a team to learn, grow, serve, and innovate. The true value of an engaged employee is one that not only stays but thrives.

We have chosen this purpose, to make the built environment possible and improve the quality of life for our family, friends, and neighbors living in the communities we serve. We thrive together and we share in the success we earn helping our clients realize their dreams.

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medical, prescription, vision, dental coverage, company-paid life and long-term disability

Professional development / PANs

Our Practice Area Networks (PANs) keep our teams connected, communicating, and at the forefront of industry innovations. PANs also help us learn outside our own disciplines.


In-house training & mentoring Programs, and employee assistant program

Time off / Wellness Program

Personal leave and holiday schedule


For professional memberships/certifications, and Training

Volunteer Opportunities

We love volunteering and hope you do too. QK is all about the communities we serve, and volunteer opportunities come frequently and participation is encouraged.

Work With Us

QK offers a very competitive benefit package.  We know that to attract the best people, you need to have top notch benefits.  We challenge you to compare our benefit package to the one you currently receive.

QK provides career paths in each discipline to help employees guide themselves through personal and professional growth, and create their own path to a successful career with QK.  Career planning and development also allow QK to better leverage itself for financial growth.  Preparing employees for future vertical and lateral movement creates a win-win situation for both the company and the employees.

Training opportunities, mentoring, development plans, and succession planning are just a few of QK’s tools to steer successful career development, which aligns with QK’s company vision and growth plans.

Available Positions

Assistant Environmental Scientist

Assistant Environmental Scientist   Bakersfield    Position Purpose Assistant Environmental Scientists use their species-specific and relevant environmental knowledge to provide important services pertaining to the

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Associate Environmental Scientist

Associate Environmental Scientist   Bakersfield, Clovis    Position Purpose Associate Environmental Scientists use their species-specific and relevant environmental knowledge to provide important services pertaining to

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Associate Planner

Associate Planner   Bakersfield, Visalia, Merced    Position Purpose Associate Planners must think analytically about the best way to use and develop urban resources, maintain

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Senior Associate Planner

Senior Associate Planner   Bakersfield, Merced    Position Purpose Senior Associate Planners work alongside team members and clients to create a broad vision for communities.

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Associate Land Surveyor

Associate Land Surveyor   Visalia    Position Purpose The Associate Land Surveyor will work hand in hand with Survey Field Crews by taking the information

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Senior Land Surveyor

Senior Land Surveyor   Porterville    Position Purpose   The Senior Land Surveyor will guide junior staff in preparing information the Land Surveyors collect in

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Senior Associate Engineer

Senior Associate Engineer   Bakersfield, Merced, Visalia    Position Purpose The Senior Associate Engineer works mostly independently to perform more complex engineering work and provides

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Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager   Visalia    Position Purpose Working in cooperation with others throughout the company, the project manager is accountable for successfully coordinating integrated

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Public Works Manager

Public Works Manager   Visalia, Clovis    Position Purpose The Public Works Project Manager oversees technical phases of planning and designing and directing public works

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Senior Engineer

Senior Engineer   Bakersfield, visalia, Merced   Position Purpose The Senior Engineer oversees technical phases of planning and designing a wide variety of projects. The

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