It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we share the peaceful passing of QK co-founder Harry Tow. He was 94 years old.

Harry was born in Iowa and studied engineering at USC. He moved to Visalia, California in the 1950s to raise his family in a small town. He was the City of Visalia city manager for a little more than a decade. He then founded Quad Consulting in 1972. Throughout his 48 years at Quad, Quad Knopf, and now QK, he shared his insight and wisdom with those of us who had the privilege to work with him.

Harry was an incredible mentor, friend, and positive influence, and was devoted to service of his community through his consulting work, literally for as long as possible. We will miss him very much and cherish the time that we worked alongside him.

Thank you, Harry. For everything.

We’re serious about making communities stronger. Every one of our projects is designed to help Californians live richer, healthier lives.


If you don’t know where to start with a complex, California-based  project, QK is your best resource.

QK is built on five distinct areas of expertise that work together to make the built environment possible. We have the industry’s most creative professionals in engineering design and construction management, survey and GIS, urban design and landscape architecture, biology and environmental permitting, and planning.

QK incorporates its GIS (Geographic Information System) into each area of our business. Biology loves the flexibility afforded by our ability to provide them with quickly generated field maps on their mobile devices. Land Surveyors use it to track their jobs (both historical and current) and as a quick reference for locating benchmarks while in the field. Engineering uses it as a spatial catalog for their city infrastructure. Planning capitalizes on the ability to have each city’s zoning, general plan, and parcel information at their fingertips. We’re always looking for (and finding!) ways to maximize the investment made in our staff and equipment to improve QK as a whole.

For decades we’ve been helping clients make their ideas come to life not just through innovative design, planning, and construction, but also by helping them work through their funding questions. Let us guide you through your funding issues.


If you don’t know where to start with a complex, California based project, QK will be your best resource. Helping 21st century clients like you is what we do best.