KANSAS CITY, MO. – Quad Knopf’s Public Works Manager, Tom McCurdy, was recently designated a national Public Works Leadership Fellow (PWLF) by the American Public Works Association (APWA). McCurdy received the APWA senior designation in recognition of the highest level of commitment to the public works profession. The APWA PWLFs have been designated to mentor other public works professionals in three of the APWA Leadership and Management professional development programs, including Public Works Executive (PWE), Public Works Manager (PWM), and the Public Works Supervisor (PWS).

“The APWA Public Works Leadership Fellows have pledged to assist those who aspire to become public works directors, executives, managers, and supervisors through a focused mentoring program. The PWLF is a senior executive service designation from APWA’s Donald C. Stone Center,” said APWA President Brian Usher, PWLF, Public Works Director of Largo, FL. “All of the Public Works Leadership Fellows have many years of experience in public works, and they have committed their time and talents to advise public works professionals who are enhancing their professional skills and careers.”

For acceptance into the program, candidates must have at least 20 years of relevant public works experience to be eligible for the PWLF designation. The APWA Donald C. Stone Program Council determines acceptance to the program. Each PWLF will provide at least 40 hours of mentoring each year to develop capstone projects, or plan for the execution of the personalized professional development plan, and record mentoring activities.

Throughout his career, McCurdy has focused on public works and municipal engineering projects. As Quad Knopf’s Public Works Manager, he assists civil engineers in the development and implementation of municipal projects. He also ensures that the resource tools, techniques, principles and methods of civil engineering are utilized. McCurdy also assists with preparing plans and designs, writing specifications and reports, as well as grant applications, and performing studies.

In previous positions, McCurdy worked with the City of Lindsay’s Public Works Department in CA, where he advanced from Engineering Technician to the Public Works Division Chief, and then as the Public Works Director. He was also self-employed as a Design Draftsman, and was previously a Project Manager for Tescon, Inc. He earned a Certificate in Management from the University of California-Davis, and has continued his education with the Local Resident Engineer Academy at the University of California ITS and FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

“My goal as a PWLF, is to provide my experience to others in the Public Works field so that they can exceed in their community.” – Tom McCurdy