After nearly 45 years, Quad Knopf is changing its name and showing off a new look. Founded in 1972 as Quad, the name symbolized the four technical services provided by the company. From the beginning, Quad demonstrated an early model for integrated project delivery by combining several specialized technical disciplines into a single firm. In 1998, the company expanded its resources by merging with another competitor, Knopf Engineering, to become Quad Knopf.

Since the early days of the company, the process of planning, designing and constructing the built environment has evolved dramatically, becoming a highly complex network of regulatory compliance and approval requirements. Clients in California today depend on a wide variety of highly specialized expertise, one that demands strong collaboration between various technical professions, and rapid evaluation and mastery of new regulations and technical developments.

Just as the needs of our clients have evolved over time, so has Quad Knopf. The company has steadily transformed into a team that is much more technically specialized and much more highly integrated than what it was back in 1972, or even in 1998. Acknowledging those changes that have occurred with the company, it seemed appropriate to affirm them with an equally new name identity and look. Dropping the names of individual founders, the new QK has adopted a logo that maintains a subtle connection of colors and patterns with the old, but possessing a more modern feel of motion and high velocity, appropriate to the rapid pace of change in the California environment.